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What I want to know is what you all think of stripping, flashing, and women otherwise saying "Look, but don't touch." It's a body image concept I've thought about a lot, especially when my sister was down for Mardi Gras (Yes, I was on Burbon Street 'til 6am one morning. Hee!)
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(apologies to those who have already seen this request in my personal journal)

Anyone know any sites with good information about Saturnalia? I found the two below, but the Net has been generally unhelpful.


edit: Working further on the Saturnalia thing, i have an additional question. The websites i found give a good basic overview (though i'd like confirmation from someone who knows that they're accurate) but i was looking for origins and development, putting it a bit more into context. But working more on this, i'm also curious as to whether similar festivals (reversing the natural order of things) existed outside of the Roman Empire.

Jesus = God?

I was raised pagan, so I'm a bit confused about Christianity. I've checked out the Bible and can't seem to find from where the idea of Jesus as Jehovah (the Judeo-Christian deity) comes. He never says that he's Jehovah, does he? He refers to himself as "the Son of Man," but I'm told that in almost all Christian churches he's equated with being the same guy as Jehovah. This bears more than a passing resemblance to pagan stories, but I'm confused about what it's doing in Christian theology. Can anyone explain this to me?
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