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tendollarwords's Journal

The font of usually useless information
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[Maintained by hermionesviolin.]

I posted in my personal journal researching for a fic and asking about smoking after sex. Discussing with threehourslater i said there wasn't really an appropriate community to ask that question in so i was limited to the knowledge pool of the 40 or so people who read my journal. She suggested
Start a new community. For, like, the unanswered questions of the universe. Or like..a research focus group. Every time you want to research something, you could ask everyone in the community what they think, or have them fill out a survey or something.
The name of this community also comes from that same conversation as she mentioned my usage of "ten dollar words."

So yeah, that's about it. Join and ask/answer questions about anything. Tell all your friends to do the same; maximize the knowledge pool.